The LSU vs. Alabama rematch for the national championship seems inevitable, at least according to the latest BCS rankings. The game may be a coup for television ratings and Alabama fans eager to prove they can beat LSU, but for the Tigers it’s a horrible situation.

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The Tigers get the privilege of playing in the SEC Championship game, although others may see it as a curse. After all the Tigers will be playing a tough game against the Georgia Bulldogs and the Crimson Tide will be resting and preparing for the rematch. The edge is clearly to the Crimson Tide in this scenario, but should Alabama even be in the championship game?

After all, Alabama was not even good enough to win their division or play for their championship, but they are being ushered into the big game. Oklahoma State, Stanford, and Virginia Tech are all having outstanding seasons and could win their conference championship, but they won’t even get a second look for the National Championship. The BCS is making a big mistake by putting Alabama into the championship game, because in the end it will not resolve anything.

LSU is currently the No. 1 ranked team in football. There is a good chance that they will be put into the championship game even if they don’t beat Georgia. This could also be argued, but then the thought of playing Alabama is just plain ridiculous. If Alabama plays in the big game and then defeats LSU, what does it prove?

Will it make Alabama the best team in the country? The short answer is yes in the BCS rankings, but no overall. LSU has already beaten Alabama on the road, so if the Tide were to win this game, they would be 1-1 on the season against one another. This would solve nothing and leave the door open for debate as to who is the best team in college football.

The BCS is making a mistake by scheduling a rematch and the team that will suffer the most is the LSU Tigers.

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